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SCOUT Organic Active Beauty; The Rebrand

Throughout 2018, PMC have worked closely with SCOUT Cosmetics to develop a rebrand program and ecommerce update to drive increased website traffic, brand awareness & consumer confidence, ultimately improving the customer journey online and increasing sales and conversions.

The rebrands primary focus stemmed from the philosophy Natural Beauty Shouldn’t be Complicated, which has acted as a mission statement across the transition into ‘SCOUT Organic Active Beauty’. This new brand name assures that SCOUT is recognised as a highly curated and Super Food infused Skin Care and Beauty range, rather than just a cosmetics collection. This ensures an aggressive challenger position is taken to demonstrate point of difference in the industry.

We have developed all aesthetic elements to support this new positioning, along with a new logo, mission statement, campaign imagery and all brand copy, which has been reflected across the entire site with a refreshed look and feel.

PMC have strategically planned and implemented additional elements into the website to support the revised brand message, including an Ingredients Directory to help educate the consumer on the wide range of natural and active ingredients and their effective, results focused formulations. This has ensured that we further establish the SCOUT brand as industry experts.

Further to this, to increase online sales across foundation products, we have also developed a Foundation Selector Tool to encourage the consumer to find their perfect match and inspire them to make a more informed purchasing decision, consequently increasing sales and conversions in this category.

The simple step-by-step process has been developed using a quiz mechanism, to help the consumer understand their skin type, the amount of coverage they are looking for and the benefits and results they seek from foundation – such as oil and pore control, hydration or luminosity.

In addition to the updated aesthetic, which has been complimented by campaign assets shot by the team at PMC, we have also introduced new web pages across philosophy and certifications, to demonstrate the brands commitment to aligning with trusted and recognised organisations to encourage consumer confidence and brand loyalty.

A streamlined checkout process with faster and more efficient account creation and payment was also implemented to simplify the user journey, target abandoned carts and increase the recorded conversion rate.

This was further supported by a digital marketing program that included an advertising strategy across Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords to target top of the funnel searches, as well as a retargeting program to re-engage lapsed customers and previous website visitors. We also further optimised the social media program including Instagram stories and curated highlights, as well as the creation of weekly blogs and the frequent distribution of EDMs, which were identified as key revenue drivers.

We’re thrilled to be able to share SCOUT Organic Active Beauty’s new website:

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