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Swipe up; The Impact of Instagram Stories on Brand Consumption

Instagram provides our clients with one of the most powerful methods of communication, with global brands across luxury, FMCG and corporate all utilising the platform to directly engage with their audience on a daily basis.

Recently announcing an incredible milestone of 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is continuously optimising the platform to streamline the user experience and provide a digital marketing tool that drives exceptional results and demonstrated ROI for businesses.

With more than 1 million monthly advertisers and 8 million business profiles currently present, there is an increasing opportunity to drive sales through ecommerce with carefully positioned content that is not only curated, but educates, encourages and converts users to purchase directly from their mobile device.

With $7 billion in mobile ad revenue estimated by the end of 2018, PMC have identified that whilst it’s a channel for our clients to create, share and interact with their customers, it is also a channel to encourage sales.

Since launching in August 2016, Instagram stories have become a fundamental element of our digital marketing recommendations, serving as an invaluable method of communicating brand story and promoting products and services. Since implementing strategic stories and highlights programs, we have seen a definitive correlation in sales, with featured products being purchased within hours of publishing.

For individual clients, YOY sales throughout October have reflected a 58% increase correlating with the launch of an Stories strategy, linking through to different landing pages to drive traffic and sales throughout core areas of the business.

Whilst engagement is a primary focus across all social platforms and more followers tends to mean more interactions and greater credibility, it is now more important than ever to have 10,000 followers or more to activate the ‘swipe up’ functionality.

By encouraging users to ‘swipe up to shop’, we can successfully drive potential customers through to product pages, brand information, testimonials and competitions. It’s an endless opportunity to increase conversions and let the customer effortlessly discover the brand.

In addition to this, the careful curation and development of themed stories is complimented with specifically designed highlights that are reflective of the brand aesthetic and personality, often embellished with defining elements present in logos, branding and other aesthetic components.

This ensures that we are developing engaging, informative and on-brand content for our clients across luxury jewellery, beauty and cosmetics where brand integrity and consumer confidence is at the forefront of business development.

With insights offering increased visibility into the actions taken from stories, we can continue to optimise content to ensure that we are consistently developing assets that resonate with our audiences.

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