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Johnny Bigg Supports BeyondBlue In A BIGG Way This Season

The agency has always loved developing cause related marketing programs for their clients and there is no better match in our opinion than that of BeyondBlue and JOHNNY BIGG.

Over three years ago, the JOHNNY BIGG brand engaged the agency to consider and recommend a relevant and appropriate long term charity alignment strategy that would not only allow the business to fundraise but offer a genuine connection via a cause and topic highly relevant to the JOHNNY BIGG customer and target audience.

The program has evolved greatly over the past three years, with the campaign originally only occurring throughout the month of October offering a qualified % off sales and is now a major marketing initiative for the brand which delivers a yearlong presence allowing BeyondBlue and JOHNNY BIGG to work alongside each other consistently and offer a regular contribution to this incredible cause.

In Australia, it's estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, whilst on average, one in eight men will experience depression and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives.

This October, to support mental health awareness month, JOHNNY BIGG are donating 10% of sales on all BLUE shirts, tees and polos to the Australian mental health awareness organisation, BeyondBlue. This is a nationwide activation with all JOHNNY BIGG stores involved in promoting the campaign.

To assist in promoting the partnership, the agency worked with JOHNNY BIGG to develop a series of content clips and messages calling upon our long term and new seasonal Friends of the Brand to assist in supporting this cause via the production of an integrated social media campaign.

The campaign was made up from a range of still and video content featuring a group of the brands’ high profile fans in their favourite Blue shirt from the Spring/Summer season. All content produced will be used and shared across social media, website, Public Relations, Blogs and EDM database activity, as well as shared across each personality involved in the campaign.

This year also saw the return of Gus Worland to the brand and to support the campaign.

Gus is not only a long term friend of JOHNNY BIGG but is a significant campaigner for Men’s Health and so wished to come on board this season to assist with supporting the brand and the campaign via engaging both his high profile network and the Triple M Grill Team to get behind the promotion and encourage fundraising.

To support BeyondBlue and make a ‘Bigg’ difference, head over to JOHNNY BIGG’s website and purchase something blue!

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