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Mondial By Nadia – A Cohesive Digital Re-brand led by Creative Contradictions

The PMC team have been busy over the past few months working on the relaunch of the Mondial By Nadia Neuman website and overall brand presentation. The revamp of the website was initiated by the agency in order to showcase Nadia’s eye for unique designs, bold concepts and passion for creating unique and symbolic pieces that feature vibrant and brilliantly coloured gemstones.

The new website permitted the introduction of a more streamlined customer experience via new category landing page development across key business categories in order to highlight these specifically and offer increased product gallery visibility.

New collection pages also allowed the brand and agency to fine tune and refine consumer targeting and messaging in order to support monthly marketing campaigns, with all content, design and functionality optimised for today’s consumer who is largely mobile based.

In addition to the new-look website, the agency launched into market new campaign imagery and content that has been shared across all Mondial By Nadia Neuman social media channels and website and supported through the launch of a Blog.

These campaigns celebrate the beauty of rare and exotic gemstones combined with Nadia’s modern and contemporary approach to design.

Imagery focused on capturing the contrast between the softness and delicate nature of natural elements such as feathers, succulents and driftwood with the durability and impact of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

Each creative concept was created to express the contradiction between luxurious fine jewellery with that of a striking variety of metallic and reflective materials such as rust, liquid gold, spliced coloured glass and slate, and cracked ceramics.

This approach is further emphasised to the consumer through the release of a more dynamic, considered and curated social media presence for the brand, which explores the forms, shapes, textures and colours found in Mother Nature, which serve as the inspiration behind Nadia’s pieces.

The agency loved collaborating with Creative Director, Nadia Neuman to create this new brand identity led by a new look website and cohesive digital footprint where the versatile and creativity of the brand was at the forefront of thought and consideration.

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