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Matthew Ely – A Unique Take on an Engagement Ring Campaign

The months of June through to October signal an important time for the jewellery industry when the season invites the introduction of luxurious warmer toned gemstones and metals, but more importantly the bridal market emerges with significance. Newly engaged couples tend to marry in the cooler months and much planning also takes place for spring and summer brides as final planning stages occur for wedding bands and jewellery for wedding parties.

Whilst many jewellery brands take a more traditional approach to Bridal imagery and campaign presentation, the agency, in collaboration with Matthew Ely, recommended the brand take a different approach and embrace drama, impact and celebrate with a point of difference via the development of a campaign concept which allowed contrast to be a leading focus.

The Matthew Ely ‘Fire Campaign’ also extended the elemental trilogy introduced in early 2018 which saw the collection encourage focus on clean-cut designs, hidden luxury additions and the injection of vibrant gemstones and coloured diamonds. This complemented the cooler months colour palettes and offered distinct impact, which was 100% led by the power of the stones employed for the collection.

Delivering an extraordinary effect this campaign embodied bold statement pieces styled in the simplest way. Working only with white, clean and sharp diamonds combined with inspiring deep coloured gemstones the range of engagement, wedding band and bridal jewellery draws immediate attention to the eye when combined with dark, ashy contrasts, built from the use of charcoal, black polished stones, sand and volcanic formations.

Encouraging each statement piece to come alive set against a dark background the campaign evoked a strong sense of luxury and commands the consumer to engage and take notice of the variety of styles, settings and designs available from the brand.

The agency also ensured that both still photography and film of the products in-situ was captured in strategic compositions in order to ensure the assets delivered a level of versatility for the various media channels recommended to bring the campaign to life.

The results created a visually powerful set of images that draws the eye directly to each stone and allowed our campaign to deliver impact to both Male and Female audiences, which stands out from many competitors whom maintain a more traditional approach to bridal campaigns where the focus is often lost on imagery and luxury presentation.

The new campaign also permitted the agency to develop a range of blog topics and content to recruit new audiences into the brand and injected a new look and feel into a range of database driven downloadable guides called EVER AFTER to share the brand’s expertise and insight into this important business category and ensure customers felt connected and educated by the Matthew Ely brand.

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