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Inspired by Natural Elements, We Celebrate Matthew Ely's Earth Campaign

We have taken the opportunity to reflect on recent campaigns that the team within the agency have developed to commemorate the theme of changing seasons. The Autumn 2018 Campaign captured the sophistication of Matthew Ely’s jewellery by featuring exquisite gemstones and delicately detailed jewels.

The ‘Earth’ campaign was the first of a trilogy concept for 2018 that showcases a contemporary yet luxury approach to jewellery campaign presence with marble and white textured rock introduced to create a light elegant atmosphere with an emphasis on shadow and depth.

Taking inspiration from elemental theming, all natural elements were included which supported the forging of raw stones and metals into beautiful and remarkable pieces of jewellery with pops of colour from opulent gemstones such as aquamarines, emeralds and tourmalines.

The minimalistic images that were created highlight the spectacular coloured pieces, symbolising jewellery as wearable pieces of art to accentuate the owner’s unique personality and aesthetic.

The agency developed a range of creative assets for this campaign, that were utilised across Matthew Ely’s brand including social media content, website imagery, downloadable guides, digital advertising, video content, and a brand look book.

The campaign also featured the introduction of model imagery in order to assist with some of the more delicate and refined pieces being showcased insitu.

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