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Matthew Ely In Boutique We Chat Kol Event

As the agency increases its partnership status with clients, this requires a much deeper understanding of their business needs and strategic growth plans.

An important part of growth with clients is being able to assist and support their expansion plans and identify potential opportunities that should be considered to achieve business targets. This demands that we support business development as well as required marketing concepts and proactively present and implement these.

Over the last year, Platinum Media & Communications identified the need to engage the local Chinese Australian market on behalf of its clients. This is an important step in both growing brand presence and relevance in Australia but also international expansion and to support sales growth.

This week, the agency held their first We Chat “KOL meet Up” event in store with leading Luxury Jeweller Matthew Ely.

Ahead of the pending launch of a We Chat profile for the brand in the coming weeks, the agency advised of the need to introduce Matthew Ely to a selection of relevant high profile KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) whom could introduce and share content on the business, what makes Matthew Ely so unique and encourage the potential for authentic visibility in the lead up to Christmas.

Partnering with a set of leading Sydney based networks to host an intimate We Chat event, we were able to develop a unique campaign which profiled the brand and commence the introduction of the boutique into market and to impact a new and highly relevant audience.

Platinum Media & Communications will be managing and developing the launch of the brand into both the We Chat and Weibo markets in the coming weeks combined with a range of content and advertising programs and looks forward to developing Matthew Ely’s profile into the Chinese market over the coming weeks ahead of Chinese New Year in early 2018.

For all enquiries or to discover more about the agency and our services please contact

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