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Jocelyn Petroni and Matthew Ely: Creating Local area Partnerships

PMC always strives to create mutually beneficial partnerships between brands. As part of Matthew Ely’s monthly campaign development and highly stylised themed photo-shoots, PMC creative develop a series of on-hand shots that compliments the monthly themes.

As the agency identified the engagement of hand shots within content programs for their jewellery clients, the agency introduced the opportunity to collaborate with a Woollahra village local - Jocelyn Petroni, one of Australia’s leading beauty artisans, who is also the official manicurist for Chanel.

Each month the agency arranges for a selection of Matthew Ely jewellery pieces to be photographed in the boutique complimented by an exception Jocelyn Petroni manicure.

Strategically developing on-hand photo shoots allows people to see how the jewellery presents on the hand. The development of social media videos further adds to the audiences experience by introducing an additional dynamic to the jewellery presentation that brings the jewellery to life, especially those larger than life pieces where an image simply does not do it justice.

To view Matthew Ely’s exquisite bespoke jewellery pieces on hand, visit our Instagram page here.

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