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Cynosure Tattoo Removal Campaign

The agency in early 2017 developed an integrated communications strategy which saw Cynosure Australia partner with McCrindle Research to complete Australia’s largest study into tattoos. This allowed the brand to both develop an understanding of trends and consumer sentiment but also generational attitudes.

Cynosure’s technology, Picosure, is the No.1 installed picosend aesthetic laser technology globally, offering the very best in tattoo removal.

The research undertaken informed key decisions in which to formulate a new positioning for the technology and encourage a fresh and unique take on the Tattoo removal industry that is relevant to today’s market and current perceptions and Tattoo adoption habits.

The PMC team has worked alongside Cynosure and McCrindle Research to develop a campaign which features real inked Australians who love tattoos and may consider having one removed to cover it with a design they now prefer, or to simply remove a design that no longer reflects themselves or lifestyle.

Supported by leading doctors from around Australia, recruiters and tattoo artists themselves, the campaign is set to challenge the pre-conceived options of laser tattoo removal in Australia.

This campaign will be featured across Cynosure social media channels and owned digital assets as well as significant digital media presence and advertising.

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