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Matthew Ely September Campaign

This month our creative team developed Matthew Ely’s most exciting theme yet, the Psychotropical September 2017 Campaign.

This campaign explores a new way to celebrate the season of flora, without the use of flowers. In Spring we see blooms and fauna flourish, this September campaign takes an abstract look into the shapes and patterns that butterflies create when stacked together and de-constructed alongside Matthew Ely’s jewellery, providing a true seasonal metamorphosis to the brand to celebrate Spring.

The butterflies highlight the new colourful pieces that have been added to the boutique and the jewellery is accentuated by the darker, intricate backgrounds ensuring that Matthew’s jewellery is the key focus in every image.

PMC has developed a wide range of creative assets to be utilised across Matthew Ely’s brand including social media, EDMs, website banners and digital advertising, and a stunning window display.

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