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Glasshouse collaborates with Megan Gale

This month, Glasshouse Fragrances collaborated with Megan Gale to promote the launch of the brand new fragrance, The Hamptons. After establishing a relationship with Gale during the Christmas period, the agency reached out to Gale ahead of the launch of The Hamptons to have her sample the new fragrance.

The agency secured an exclusive interview with Gale who reviewed the fragrance and shared her advice for entertaining, travelling and how fragrance plays a role in her life. The interview is featured on the Glasshouse Fragrances blog and was promoted through EDM and social channels.

The collaboration will be further amplified across social and Google ad promotion in the weeks to come, offering Glasshouse Fragrances the opportunity to engage a new audience and position The Hamptons as the luxury, high-end fragrance that it is.

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