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SCOUT Cosmetics' New Brand Campaign

SCOUT Cosmetics have released an innovative, new skincare range this month. Infused with organic-certified ingredients the skincare range nourishes skin with a holistic blend of stable phyto-active compounds wild harvested from the heart of Australian nature.

The launch of the skincare range offered an opportune time to initiate SCOUT’s first brand campaign. PMC planned, outsourced and executed the photography of new creative that captured SCOUT’s eco-luxe beliefs.

The photos were set to a minimalist backdrop that allowed the meticulously designed products to speak. The set up included ripe and fresh natural produce and florals to complement the crisp aesthetic and labelling of the makeup and skincare ranges.

The creative was edited in-house for a flawless finish and accentuated the natural and organic ingredients for a luxe visual aesthetic.

The creative is now in market and will be used for print media, in-store materials and across SCOUT’s social channels, offering a striking new look to the brand’s superior offering.

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