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Hosting a wealth of business experience that spans more than twenty years at top tier agency level, Jo is best known for her expertise in delivering an engaging business building platform that has been showcased via her work within the luxury cosmetic, fashion and  lifestyle retail sectors.


As Founder and owner of PLATINUM Media & Communications, Jo’s vision exudes a new genre of media integrity that deemed holistic in its approach, is pivotal with all work undertaken at both local and international levels. This is implemented to reflect Jo’s professional belief that brand building and offering a ROI is paramount within the breadth of all work undertaken.


Driven by an over-arching desire for a brand to communicate through a strategic blend of content strategy, consumer relationship and understanding, the business philosophy is underpinned by Jo’s belief that creativity is at the core of all concepts and ideas now produced by the agency.


A clever combination of digital marketing strategies, stand-alone social and PR campaigns with both brands and companies alike showcases Jo’s inherent “neutrality” with regards to her business values to their very best.


Whether it be the trade or consumer’s need to embrace the experience, employ celebrity association or to harness heritage factor, Jo’s belief is that each project she hosts must unveil a quality environment that is not only reflective of the brand values or company direction but equally crucial, is the degree of service within the communication strategy and implementation to ensure optimum results at both  a trade focused promotional or retail arena are achieved.


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